GERATI J-Hook Electrode (Reuseable)

GERATI J-Hook Electrode (Reuseable)

75.00$ (+5% GST)

GERATI J-Hook Electrode, 5mm diameter, 33cm length with Ergonomic Handle and Monopolar HF connector


Non Sterile


Get the best J-Hook electrode to make the process of laparoscopy easy and smooth

To perform any particular task, you need to have the proper tools and instruments to do it. Laparoscopy is a surgery which requires a lot of delicacy and frailty. The instruments you use to perform laparoscopy should be flexible and easy to handle.

There are different companies which produce basic laparoscopic instruments, Gerati is one of the primary laparoscopic instruments manufacturers which produce the best quality Gerati J-Hook Electrode (reusable).

Gerati J-Hook Electrode (reusable) is innovatively designed to help the surgeons operate in the operation theatre with the best quality electrode. The material and coating of the electrode is exceptional and safe to use.

Gerati J-Hook Electrode (reusable) comes with a diameter of 5mm. The length of the instrument is 33cm. It also has an ergonomic handle and a Monopolar HF connector. The instrument is reusable. It is light-weight and durable.Make sure that you sterilize the instrument properly before using it again.