Yohan Laparoscopic Grasper Johan laparoscopic grasper

Yohan Laparoscopic Grasper Johan laparoscopic grasper

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YOHAN Grasping Forceps, Straight Fenestrated jaws, 5mm x 33cm Length, Without ratchet

GERATI Yohan Laparoscopic Grasper

Laparoscopic grasper are used in minimally invasive surgery for grasping, manipulating and handling soft tissues like stomach and intestines. They comprise three parts. An ergonomic handle with rotating knob and click button, an insulated shaft and an inner shaft with the end effector. The jaws of Yohan grasping forceps are fenestrated to reduce tissue trauma but the at the same time ensuring a precise and sure grip.

The click system ensures that the instruments are easily dismantled for cleaning and re-sterilization.  When the click knob situated near the rotating knob is pressed, the insulated pipe can be pulled outside. The end effector or the jaw is then rotated to remove the inner shaft. The same procedure is followed in the reverse order to assemble the instruments.

Instruments are available in normal and with ratchet category which means that the jaws can move with a ratcheting style and once the tissue is grasped firmly this position can be held firmly and irrevesribly. The ratchet can be inactivated as well thus offering great flexiblity.

It is recommended that after every surgical procedure, the instruments should be immediately cleaned and rinsed. This should be followed up by steam sterilization according to equipment manufactuer’s recommendations.

From new innovations in high-precision instrumentation, we offer a broad spectrum of laparoscopic instruments that enable minimally invasive surgery in a variety of specialties. Designed hand-in-hand with our clinical partners, GERATI  Laparoscopic grasping forceps and instruments combine superior craftsmanship with modern design, making us the instrument of choice for minimally invasive surgery around the globe.

Our portfolio of laparoscopic fenestrated grasper, atraumatic grasper laparoscopy, Johan laparoscopic grasper instruments includes a comprehensive range of reusable, and single-use instruments and trocars as well as ligation clip appliers.

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