GERATI Spatula Electrode (Reuseable)

GERATI Spatula Electrode (Reuseable)

75.00$ (+5% GST)

GERATI Spatula Electrode

  • 5mm diameter, 33cm length
  • Lightweight Ergonomic Handle
  • Monopolar HF connector



Non Sterile


The Basic Laparoscopic Surgical Instruments By Gerati Healthcare Designs.

Laparoscopy is a technology-driven surgery which involves handheld use of instruments. This surgery is different from the conventional way of surgery in the sense that it does not require open surgery. You don’t have to stay in the hospital for days after having a laparoscopy.

The use of basic laparoscopic instruments is very critical in the process of surgery. There are a number of companies which produce basic instruments and tools for the process of laparoscopy. Gerati healthcare is one of the leading manufacturers of basic laparoscopic instruments.

Gerati Spatula electrode is a laparoscipic instrument which is carefully designed to help doctors and medical surgeons to perform the task of laproscopy without worrying about the efficiency of the instrument. Gerati Spatula electrode comes with a 5mm diameter. The length of the instrument is 33cm. The instrument comes with an ergonomic handle so it can easily be handheld by the professionals.