GERATI Ring Cutter, Finger Ring Cutter Medical

GERATI Ring Cutter, Finger Ring Cutter Medical

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GERATI Finger Ring Cutter – Ring Band Cutter – Emergency Ring Cutter Tool – Plier HandleType

  • Professional Quality Ring Cutter
  • Strong Alloy Cutter
  • Satin Finish
  • 16cm Length
  • Special pricing for Bulk Buyers


Package Quantity

Box of 10, Box of 50, Single


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Ring Cutter medical

GERATI Finger ring Cutter medical is an easy to use professional quality instrument.

Finger Ring Cutter is used to cut rings when they get stuck due to swellings in the finger and it is otherwise not possible to remove the rings.

Ring cutter Medical has a handle to hold in the palm, a blade guard or lever segment that gets under the ring. The blade is pressed on the ring through a pressing lever using thumb. There is a rotating pin that rotates the blade and it cuts through the ring securely and easily, after few rotations.

Ring cutter is an essential element of medical emergency services tools and as such it is an important instrument to be kept in homes and offices. Ring cutter is also an integral part of ambulance tools.

Specifications of ring cutter medical:

  • Ring Cutter Pliers: Stainless Steel
  • Overall Length: 6″ – 150mm
  • Saw Blade Diameter: 22mm
  • Handle: Palm Grip Type
  • Weight: 5oz

Replacement Blade:

How to remove a Ring using a Ring Cutter medical

  • First, clean the surrounding skin with a mild antiseptic cleanser such as chlorhexidine.

  • Slide the manual ring cutter’s small hook (guard) under the ring to position the saw-toothed wheel that cuts the metal.

  • Position the saw-toothed wheel over the ring and cut through it, if necessary, a little bit at a time.

  • Spread apart the cut ends of the ring with a large hemostat or another tool (eg. pliers) and remove it.

  • Clean any finger lacerations gently with a clean cloth or gauze and soap and water or a mild antibacterial wound cleanser such as chlorhexidine. Suture or bandage with gauze if protection is needed.

  • A jeweler can usually repair rings cut in one or more places.