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Laparoscopic Endo Trainer, Portable Type.

  • Foldable and Carry-along type robust design
  • No Electricity Needed, Uses Smart Phone or Tablet.
  • 7 Types of Training Modules
  • Set of 4 Training Instruments
  • FREE GIFT: 2 pcs Silicone Suture pads!!
  • Comprehensive Exercise/Task Manual
  • Progress Monitoring Forms


Laparoscopic Trainer box      laparoscopic trainer box         

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GERATI Laparoscopic Endo Trainer, Laparoscopy Trainer box, Laparoscopic Trainer portable Type.

No Electricity Needed, Uses Smart Phone or Tablet.

Complete with Trainer board

Training Modules including"

  • Advanced Multiline Suturing PAd
  • Vaginal Cuff Closure Practice PAd
  • Basoic Suturing & Knot Tying Task Pad
  • Thread Passing Task Pad
  • PEG Transfer Task Pad
  • Bead Placement Task Pad
  • Cutting & Dissecting Task Pad


Set of Training Instruments include: Laparoscopic Dissector, Laparoscopic Scissors, Laparoscopic Grasper and Laparoscopic Dissector.


Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 59 × 40 × 16 cm

Complete with Instruments and Exercises


Basic laparoscopic skills
Laparoscopic suturing
Advanced laparoscopic procedures
FLS Skills practice
Hands-on Skills Training
Psychomotor Skills
Hand-Eye Coordination
Depth Perception
Timed Activities



I ordered GERATI Endo trainer and I am happy that it arrived in good time and in excellent condition. It just turned out to be an excellent tool for laparoscopic skill enhancement. The design is robust and the tasks are adequate for basic as well as advanced skill exercises.


A very well designed laparoscopic Trainer with good materials, finish and complete exercises for basic to advanced exercises. The carry bag idea is very nice. This is an essential product for all laparoscopic surgeons and residents. Highly recommended.


Sono un chirurgo laparoscopico e stavo cercando un dispositivo di allenamento economico. Ho trovato e ordinato gerati trainer dal loro sito web. È un prodotto ben congegnato con attività di formazione adeguate. L’ho usato e l’ho trovato molto buono.


Very nicely designed equipment for practicing laparoscopic skills. All surgical residents should have this to hone their skills. Its a good combination of quality and price. Includes all basic to advanced exercise tasks!



I got my trainer few days back but could not use it as I was busy. Just had a chance to pen it and check the contents. The user manual is a good guide to set it up and perform different tasks. The suturing pad is made of good quality and all task exercises are also very challenging. Overall I am very satisfied and I think you guys have done well.

Will definitely recommend it to others as well as its a good investment.


The Royal Victoria Hospital


Hi Shakila

Just received my order for Endo Trainer. Everything looks great. Really impressed with the presentation and packaging and the contents. The trainer looks awesome. Have tried the exercise tasks and got a very good feeling. The Instruction book and the progress logs are a very good idea for monitoring. Congratulations. I will also definitely recommend to my other surgeon friends.

Keep up the good work

Dr Qasim Mehmood
King Faisal Hospital

Dr James Smith

Received the package. Totally Satisfied. The trainer looks good and exactly as advertised. The carrying bag idea is very good.


Hi, Finally received the box trainer which looks great. I am happy that it arrived in good condition. Have checked and found all contents to be in perfect state. I liked the design, the set up is simple and I could put it use straightaway. A great product and I definitely recommend it for a great value.


Thank you. I have received it. Excellent design and exercise tasks. Everything is very well thought out. Great Product!


I am extremely satisfied with the delivery and quality of the GERTI laparoscopic trainer. It exceeded my expectations and will be helpful to enhance my surgical skills. Highly recommended.

Dr Gerard Taylor


The delivery and quality of the GERTI laparoscopic trainer exceeded my expectations. It’s an excellent tool for honing surgical skills.

Dr Apichart Thanapatcharoen

Aqeel Abbas

Thank you very much!


I am extremely satisfied with the GERATI laparoscopic trainer. Its overall design is impressive, and the training experience it provides is exceptional. Highly recommended for aspiring laparoscopic surgeons.” – Dr. Hien Tan Nguyen


Just Received the delivery of my ordered Laparoscopic Trainer. Everything seems to be in order. The trainer looks fine and the enclosed instructions of use and set up were very helpful. Thank you very much!


Hi GERATI, the trainer has finally arrived. Everything in order except a small delay in delivery because of the courier people. Looking forward to putting this trainer in practice but seems it will be very helpful for the training. Thanks for everything.


GERATI’s laparoscopic trainer exceeds expectations. As a gynecologist, I appreciate its intuitive design, aiding realistic training. The product’s precision and durability ensure long-term reliability, enhancing surgical skills effectively. I highly recommend GERATI to fellow practitioners.


I’m thoroughly impressed with GERAT’s laparoscopic trainer. The delivery was prompt, and the product’s design is exceptional. As a laparoscopic surgeon, I see immense potential in this trainer for enhancing training effectiveness. Its user-friendly interface and realistic simulation make it an invaluable tool for honing surgical skills. I believe GERAT has set a new standard in laparoscopic training equipment. I look forward to utilizing it in my practice and recommending it to my colleagues


The GERAT laparoscopic trainer was delivered smoothly. Its design is easy to understand and use. And it works really well in training. It’s just awesome!


The GERAT laparoscopic trainer is fantastic. It arrived quickly, and its design is simple yet effective. As a laparoscopic surgeon, I find it incredibly helpful for training. GERAT has really done a great job with this trainer. Thanks


“GERATI’s laparoscopic trainer is amazing. It’s easy to use and helped me get better at surgery. I love it!”


GERATI’s laparoscopic trainer is great! It’s simple to use and boosted my surgery skills big time. Big thumbs up!”

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Laparoscopic Trainer Box

Laparoscopic Trainer box, laparoscopic endo trainer

Introducing GERATI’s Laparoscopic Trainer Box: Mastering Surgical Skills with Precision

Overview: Experience the Ultimate in laparoscopic surgical training with GERATI’s Laparoscopic Trainer Box. Designed to emulate real-life surgical scenarios, this innovative training tool is meticulously crafted to enhance the skills and proficiency of medical professionals in laparoscopic procedures.

Design and Construction: Crafted with premium and robust materials, the Laparoscopic Trainer Box boasts exceptional durability to withstand rigorous training sessions. Its compact and portable design ensures convenience without compromising on functionality.

Port System: Featuring a sophisticated 5 front and 2 side port system, the Laparoscopic Trainer Box provides a seamless platform for inserting laparoscopic instruments, replicating the actual surgical environments. Each port is  engineered to simulate the tactile feedback and maneuverability essential for mastering laparoscopic techniques.

Realistic Simulation: Immerse yourself in lifelike surgical simulations with GERATI’s Laparoscopic Trainer Box. From basic maneuvers to advanced procedures, the trainer box offers an authentic experience that mirrors real surgical settings, enabling practitioners to hone their skills with precision and confidence.

User-Friendly Interface: With an intuitive interface, the Laparoscopic Trainer Box ensures ease of use for practitioners of all skill levels. Its user-friendly design allows for seamless navigation and operation, facilitating an immersive learning experience without unnecessary complexity.

Versatility: Whether you’re a novice or an experienced surgeon, the Laparoscopic Trainer Box adapts to your skill level and procedural requirements. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of laparoscopic procedures, offering tailored training solutions for diverse medical specialties.

Delivery and Customer Service: At GERATI, we prioritize customer satisfaction and prompt delivery. Rest assured, our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional service and support throughout your experience with the Laparoscopic Trainer Box.

Maintenance and Care: Ensure the longevity of your Laparoscopic Trainer Box with simple maintenance tips and care instructions provided by GERATI. With proper upkeep, this indispensable training tool will continue to elevate your surgical skills for years to come.

Educational Value: Enhance medical education and training programs with the educational value of the Laparoscopic Trainer Box. Its immersive simulations and interactive features empower aspiring surgeons to acquire essential skills and knowledge in laparoscopic surgery, laying the foundation for successful careers in healthcare.

Quality Assurance: Trust in the quality and reliability of GERATI’s Laparoscopic Trainer Box. Manufactured to the highest standards and adhering to stringent quality assurance protocols, this innovative training tool is certified to meet the demands of modern surgical education.

Elevate your surgical skills and embark on a journey of mastery with GERATI’s Laparoscopic Trainer Box. Experience the future of surgical training today


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with all Smart Phones & Tablets
  • No Electricity needed
  • Bright Body Structure
  • 4 x Training Instruments:
    • Laparoscopic Needle Holder, 5 x 330mm
    • Laparoscopic  YOHAN Grasper, 5 x 330mm
    • Laparoscopic  Dissector, 5 x 330mm
    • Laparoscopic  Scissors,  5 x 330mm
    • Dummy Trocar x 2
  • 7  Exercises Module Pack of:
    • Advanced Multiline Suturing PAd
    • Vaginal Cuff Closure Practice PAd
    • Basoic Suturing & Knot Tying Task Pad
    • Thread Passing Task Pad
    • PEG Transfer Task Pad
    • Bead Placement Task Pad
    • Cutting & Dissecting Task Pad

An excellent product to use as a gift item for someone in the medical profession that you care for.

Lap Trainer Box Shipping & Postage:

  • Order Processing Time 3 to 5 Days
  • Delivery via Air Courier – Tracked Service
  • Transit Time will vary.
  • We ship Worldwide
  • If you have any question or need further detail, or Video of unpacking and installation please feel free to contact us. Thank you

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