GERATI Blade Electrode (Reuseable)

GERATI Blade Electrode (Reuseable)

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GERATI Blade Electrode,

  • Ø5mm x 33cm length
  • Ergonomic Handle and Monopolar HF connector
  • Reusable/Autoclavable



Non Sterile


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Electrodes come in different designs and styles. They are specially designed to perform minimally invasive surgical processes. They are made from different metals. Most electrodes come with a PTF coating which is not harmful for the patients. They come in different sizes and lengths. You can choose according to your surgical requirements.Electrodes are mostly used in performing laparoscopic surgeries.

Buy Needle Electrode (Reuseable) Gerati is a leading laparoscopic instrument manufacturer which produces innovatively designed laparoscopic instruments. Gerati Spectula electrodes is designed to perform various forms of laparoscopic surgeries conveniently. Gerati Spectula electrodes is specially designed to provide convenience and accuracy. It is a highly flexible laparoscopic instrument which enhances efficiency in laparoscopic procedures.It comes with a 5mm diameter. The length of the instrument is 33cm. It comes with an ergonomic handle which makes it easy for the surgeon to hold the instrument properly in his hand. To perform accurate surgical processes and procedures Gerati Spectula electrodes is the instrument which is a must-have essential.