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GERATI Endotrainer Brochure PDF


An Essential Equipment to assist you in learning laparoscopic skills!

GERATI MAESTRO Laparoscopy Endo Trainer, SurgicalSimulator or box trainer, offers complete training and learning opportunities for learning and mastering basic as well advanced laparoscopic skills. The design of MAESTRO Trainer and the the exercises is according to FLS (Fundamentals of Laparoscopic surgery) USA guidelines. Laparoscopic Endo trainers are becoming popular as an essential component of modern day Skill labs in all teaching hospitals.

Surgical simulation is the new gold standard in learning and mastering new skills. Laparoscopy surgery today requires learning and mastering a  new set of skills like Hand-eye coordination, Psychomotor skills, Depth perception, Ambidexterity (ability to use both hands in surgery) and Haptic or tactile feedback and learning to use new kind of tools. Simulators and trainers are a best and an economical way to learn, hone and master these skills in a convenient way without the constraints of time and money.

GERATI, already a pioneer solution provider in laparoscopy, is  introducing its new range of indigenous Laparoscopy Simulators and training exercises, tailored to the specific needs of the local surgical practitioners.


  • Box Trainer open design for making good use of ambient light.
  • Light strip which can be switched on and off.
  • 1MP HD Camera which can be moved in forward and backward direction.
  • 17” LCD with height adjustable.
  • VGA Connection for LCDs and also Laptoop
  • Exercise Set containing:
    • Suture Sheet
    • Dissecting & Cutting Sheet
    • Thread Passing Exercise
    • Peg Transfer Exercise
    • Bead Placement Exercise
    • Universal Holder
  • Power and VGA Cables
  • Instructions and Training Manual
  • Instrument Kit